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Electronic Funds Transfer

The easiest way to save or make loan payments is through electronic funds transfer also known as direct deposit. With your authorization, our staff can set up an automatic debit from your checking account at another financial institution. Once the process is started, the only thing you have to remember to do is make the monthly entry in your checkbook.

Payroll Deduction

Workmen’s Circle Credit Union can accept payroll deductions from your employer either electronically or by check. Payroll deductions are initiated through your employer, so please contact your payroll or personnel department to find out if this option is available to you.

Wire Transfers

Wire transfers may be sent to or received from another financial institution. Incoming wires are free, however there is a fee to send an outgoing wire.

Internet Branching/E-Statements

Internet Branching allows you to view your account balances online. Once you have an Internet Branching account you may sign up for E-Statements to receive your WCCU statements electronically instead of via mail. This service is provided to our members at no cost.

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