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Membership & Eligibility

Workmen’s Circle Credit Union (WCCU) is a non-profit financial organization that is owned and operated by its members. When you become a member of WCCU (by making an initial $50.00 deposit and signing a signature card) you become an owner of the credit union. The $50.00 is a deposit to your share account, not a fee. Membership at WCCU is for a lifetime and available to you and your family members unless you choose to close your account.

At WCCU, we return our earnings to our members in the form of lower interest rates on loans and higher dividends on share accounts, individual retirement accounts and share certificates of deposit. Our services are designed to help you reach your financial goals in a low risk manner.

Membership is available to you if:
  • You are employed or reside in Chatham County, Georgia, unless you are eligible for membership in another occupational credit union within Chatham County;
  • Your employer offers membership in this credit union as part of your benefit package;
  • You are related by blood, adoption, or marriage to a person within the field of membership;
  • You are living in the same household with a person within the field of membership of this credit union; or
  • You are an unremarried spouse of a person who died within the field of membership of this credit union.
There is a required minimum deposit of $50.00 to open a share account. This is not a fee, only a minimum balance for your membership in Workmen’s Circle Credit Union. If you should ever choose to close your account, the $50.00 (plus earned dividends) will be returned to you.

To join Workmen’s Circle Credit Union, just click Join Now and fill out a WCCU account card. If you would like to open a business account Click Here to complete the business account form. Once you have completed the account card, mail your signed account card with a minimum of $50.00 for deposit and a copy of your government issued photo identification to our office. We will then open your account and mail you a new member packet. If you would rather stop by to open the account, we would enjoy serving you in person! WCCU offers Employer Sponsorships as well, just ask.

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