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Credit Unions prepare for disasters too!

Being located in the coastal region of Georgia, we are constantly reminded that being prepared for hurricanes or other disasters is of utmost importance. We are often asked if we have purchased supplies or planned an evacuation route.

The answer is Yes! We want to assure our members that should a disaster strike, we will do everything we can to ensure that we are able to recover as quickly and efficiently as possible to meet your financial needs. WCCU has been proactive in this area and has a well thought out and tested business continuity plan in place. We believe that it is important for you, our members, to be aware of that plan.

Flood season is just around the corner, are you prepared?

Did you know that most Homeowners Insurance policies do not cover flooding? Have you asked your insurance agent about your Homeowners Insurance coverage’s lately? Now is the time with hurricane season approaching. It is very important to understand what is and is not covered on all your insurance policies. Flooding not only affects your home but can effect your automobiles, outbuildings, swimming pool and all other personal property you may have sitting on your lot at the time of a flood.
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