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Have you been Phished or Vished?

Members often have a high trust for the credit union to which they belong. When they receive emails or phone calls identifying the correspondent as a credit union representative they immediately place trust in that individual. We are going to explain two very popular scams being used by criminals today to gather credit union members personal information.

Phishing is an email scam that has become well-liked by criminals. The scammer sends out an email to the credit union member asking for personal information such as financial account information, social security numbers and passwords. Often times the email asks the member to follow a link to a false webpage to fool users into submitting their personal information. The fake webpage will often include official looking logos and colors to convince members it is a legitimate site. Once the criminal receives your personal information they enjoy racking up credit card debt, fake cell phone or utility bills and loans at the expense of you, the victim.

There is another common scam called vishing. Vishing is a method of retrieving members personal information via Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). The scammer sends an e-mail disguised as though it is from the credit union. The e-mail asks the member to call a telephone number to confirm their personal account information due to a security problem the credit union has encountered. Some “vishers” use automated dialing programs to contact members. Often times your caller ID will display a local number to ensure your trust. A live caller or pre-recorded message will then advise the member that the credit union is updating their information and for security purposes we need the member to verify their personal information.

This is not how Workmen’s Circle Credit Union (WCCU) operates. We will not call or email you to verify any personal information. If a change needs to be made to your account, it must be submitted to the credit union in writing. WCCU respects our member’s privacy and your personal information is of vital importance to us. If you are suspicious of an email or telephone call you received, please contact the credit union immediately.
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