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Flood season is just around the corner, are you prepared?

Did you know that most Homeowners Insurance policies do not cover flooding? Have you asked your insurance agent about your Homeowners Insurance coverage’s lately? Now is the time with hurricane season approaching. It is very important to understand what is and is not covered on all your insurance policies. Flooding not only affects your home but can effect your automobiles, outbuildings, swimming pool and all other personal property you may have sitting on your lot at the time of a flood.

According to floodsmart.gov, your home has a 26% chance of being damaged by a flood during the course of a 30 year mortgage, compared to a 9% chance of fire. Not only can you purchase flood insurance, but there are ways you can protect your home from flooding.
  1. Make sure you keep your gutters and downspouts cleaned out.
  2. Anchor your fuel tank and water heater so that they are not swept away if a flood occurs.
  3. Remove all trees or loose branches that are within close proximity to your home to prevent damage to your home during a storm.
  4. Raise your electrical components such as outlets, phone jacks, switches, circuit breakers and wiring to at least 12” above your home’s projected flood level.
According to the Chatham Emergency Management Agencies (CEMA) website, staff personnel from the Departments of Engineering and Public Works are prepared to make site visits, upon request, to assist property owners with flooding, drainage and sewer problems and to address any site-specific flooding concerns within your community. This service is provided at no charge. For additional information on flooding, flood insurance, flood zones, retrofitting, or how to pick a contractor, you may call the Chatham County’s Department of Engineering at (912) 652-7800.

You can find more information about flood preparation by visiting floodsmart.gov, fema.gov or cema.chathamcounty.org.
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