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Credit Unions prepare for disasters too!

Being located in the coastal region of Georgia, we are constantly reminded that being prepared for hurricanes or other disasters is of utmost importance. We are often asked if we have purchased supplies or planned an evacuation route.

The answer is Yes! We want to assure our members that should a disaster strike, we will do everything we can to ensure that we are able to recover as quickly and efficiently as possible to meet your financial needs. WCCU has been proactive in this area and has a well thought out and tested business continuity plan in place. We believe that it is important for you, our members, to be aware of that plan.

Alternate locations – WCCU has partnered with several other businesses that will allow us to operate from their facilities. The actual location we choose will depend on the disaster. Some locations are in the Savannah area and will be utilized in the event of a fire or similar localized disaster. We have arranged other alternate operation locations in Atlanta and Augusta should it be necessary to evacuate the Chatham County area. Our disaster recovery system is internet based, therefore, it is easily accessible from any location with internet access.

Communications – Updated information regarding our location and re-opening status will be available via our web-site at www.workmenscirclecu.com or by dialing our local telephone number of (912) 356-9225.

Internet Branching – The server that houses our internet branching service is located in another state and would therefore be unaffected by a disaster in our area. If you have not already done so, you may enroll online at workmenscirclecu.com.

Direct Deposit – In the event of relocation, the easiest way to make a deposit will be via electronic deposit or direct deposit. With this service, you will not need to physically visit our location to know that your funds are safely deposited into your account. This service is convenient even in non-emergency situations, so you may want to consider asking your employer if this option is available.

Borrowing Needs – WCCU realizes that many of our members will need to borrow funds if a disaster were to occur in our area. We have the technology and documentation available to help us meet your needs. We also have digital documentation of outstanding loans should they be needed.

Workmen’s Circle Credit Union has a comprehensive plan in place as well as a well trained staff to manage this process. Our plan is tested annually so that we will be able to meet your needs as quickly as possible should adversity visit our area.
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